Taking the Lead

UniPro Foodservice assumes a leadership position by uniting with the industry’s most progressive organizations in foodservice. We work together to move the industry forward in the areas of distribution, technology and the culinary arts.

International Foodservice Distributors Association

IFDA provides invaluable information pertaining to industry programs and government legislation. This knowledge and insight helps our distributor members better serve you.

International Foodservice Manufacturers Association

Through an array of resources and partners, IFMA helps members uncover strategic insights, information and data that drive market success, mission-critical issues that affect the foodservice business and key industry opportunities and challenges.


UniPro Foodservice is one of the companies leading the GS1 initiative in foodservice. GS1 is an initiative dedicated to implementing industry and company-level solutions that leverage global GS1 standards to optimize business processes. Adherence to these standards benefit all through greater supply chain visibility, efficiency, safety and collaboration.

National Restaurant Association

To keep current on all of the trends and issues affecting you as a foodservice operator, UniPro is a member of the National Restaurant Association. Many of our operator-driven programs are developed based on information provided by this association.